In praise of… Bullet Journaling

Why do I like bullet journaling? Because it is associated with positive emotions, not negative symptoms. Our brains have a natural tendency to focus on what goes wrong in our daily lives. Using a bullet journal for wellbeing encourages us to dwell on the good things instead.

6 Bullet Journal Ideas for Runners

Several people I’ve spoken to since publishing my essay on running have expressed a desire to start themselves. Either they lack courage as a complete beginner, or can’t find the motivation to make a comeback. Even if you don’t use a bullet journal, these tips can help.

7 Brilliant Podcasts for Mental Wellbeing

These are my favourite podcasts featuring mental health content, plus four more that don’t. I have included my personal selection of the top-ranking episodes and their runners up…and I have added some book recommendations too.

8 Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure

Fear of failure presents itself in all sorts of ways. Maybe our negative self-talk takes over. Or perhaps procrastination is our self-sabotage method of choice. Fear of failure leaves us feeling stuck and unable to step outside our comfort zone.

Coping with Self-loathing

Learning to feel and process our emotions is a way of developing emotional resilience, but it takes practice. Start by trying out these skills drawn from CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) and mindfulness.

Coping with Identity Issues

If you struggle with identity issues or an unstable self-image, you might behave in ways that don’t align with your values. It might look like you are constantly changing to fit the situation or the people you are with.

Understanding Opposite Action

Each emotion we experience comes with a specific action urge. If we are feeling sadness or shame, we might naturally want to avoid or isolate. If we are experiencing paranoia, we might react to others with suspicion and mistrust…

That’s all, folks

This is a message of thanks to you, reader, for following my musings on self-help and mental health, while I have experimented with posting online. The time has come for me to let the website lapse. I will be writing as the Wellbeing Wordsmith on Medium, and continuing my account @wellbeingwordsmith on Instagram. Take care, […]

About Me

Hi, I’m Rosie – author of The Wellbeing Wordsmith.

I am a current student of psychology, former mental health practitioner and volunteer group facilitator.


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