In praise of… Running

Why did I run? I did it for better mental health, that was a given, but I was also running as a replacement for drinking. I had achieved sobriety because of running, and I loved running because I was sober.

In praise of… Bullet Journaling

Why do I like bullet journaling? Because it is associated with positive emotions, not negative symptoms. Our brains have a natural tendency to focus on what goes wrong in our daily lives. Using a bullet journal for wellbeing encourages us to dwell on the good things instead.

In praise of… Writing

Writing has always been my preferred form of expression. Articulating my thoughts as an essayist is one of my favourite things to do. I disappear behind the words I write and come alive with them too.

In Praise of…Boxing

If you have spent your formative years or any significant time in the fight-or-flight response, then martial arts might come naturally to you. It suited me for this reason. It was a natural remedy for my hypervigilance. It sharpens your focus and stops overthinking in its tracks.


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